Training with David, CPDT-KA

The 21 acres of vineyards are all fenced off to keep out wildlife and keep your dogs in. We've got a huge dog run next to the house, a fenced in porch out back, and the dogs have their own room too. The rolling open hills provide tons of space to burn their physical energy, and they'll be tuckered after all our training. Let me know if you think there's something we could work on. 


Board and Train is $100 per 24 hours. Anything over 3 weeks drops to $90/day. Sits should be a minimum of 1-2 weeks to make sure we have enough time to solidify results, but I'll consider stays of lesser lengths on a case by case basis and let you know when I don't think I can accomplish your goals. 

We'll speak initially to get a picture of your results. On day 1 of the sit I'll take some baseline notes, and create more notes during your stay to share with you afterward that outline training exercises you can do, highlighting key moments as they come up. When you return we can schedule a session to get the controls in your hands. 

Please note that I have two dogs of my own, so we cannot do aggression cases, defensive or otherwise. 

What's a CPDT-KA


Until the creation of the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers in 2001, there was no true certification process for canine professionals. Many schools teach dog trainers and offer certifications for their specific programs. These certificates, therefore, reflect the teachings and quality of a specific school. Other organizations offer take-home tests for "certification". These canine professionals are not monitored to ensure they are completing the test without any assistance or collaboration nor is the testing process standardized. This unprecedented process was originally implemented by the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT), the largest association of dog trainers in the world, founded by noted veterinarian, behaviorist and author Dr. Ian Dunbar. A task force of approximately 20 internationally known dog training professionals and behaviorists worked for three years to research and develop the first comprehensive examination. Professional Testing Corporation (PTC) was hired to ensure the process met professional testing standards. APDT then created a separate, independent council - The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers - to manage the accreditation and pursue future development. It is the standard for professional dog training designations. 

"Unlike other trainers with a one size fits all approach, David provided what was truly a personalized curriculum -- giving me actionable instruction based on my dog's breed, our environment, my personality among a variety of factors. He devised training plans. Demonstrated how to put them into practice. And followed up regularly with me on our progress.​"

- Melissa W.

"David is a dedicated trainer. He is patient and takes time to learn what is going on so that he can address it. He works hard with the owners so that they feel confident and relaxed. His calm and caring demeanor puts pets and owners at ease. His recommendations are straightforward and easy to implement."

- Ana L.

If you have any question concerning behaviors, training methods, prices, scheduling or anything else just email or call. Talking out the problems will help us find the best solutions for you.