Our relationships are important to us. 

Our team

Cohesive. Supporting. High standards. Proactive. Lead by example. Promote fun.

Our packs

Teachers. Rooted in science. Safety. Physical + mental stimulation. Tailored to the individuals.

Our clients

Part of the pack. We act as a supportive bridge. We thoughfully focus on your needs. 

Our community

We promote an engaged and connected micro-community created by our company.


"Consistency. I completely understand an owners need to feel consistency with the staff, and while our main priority is grouping the packs perfectly so they have fun, your dog will stay with the same dogs, at the same parks, at the same times, with the same person - day in and day out for as long as we can. Each one of our professional dog walkers is carefully vetted and trained for you by me, someone who would die for my dog! I would trust my boy, and anyone else's dog with any of my awesome teammates. In fact, I very often do. 


Our staff is professional, amiable, athletic dog walkers and customer service men and women. We're all hardworking pros who are well trained and adept at taking care of the lucky dogs that come out with us everyday. We are the Best Dog Walkers in San Francisco."

-David Levin

Justin Hill

Team Leader, Assistant To The Regional Director

If I had to pick one word to describe Justin it would be: hilarious. He has the rest of us cracking up constantly. When I opened his initial job application email I saw a picture attached and didn't even need to read the rest before offering an interview. I included the one that got me to the left here. He said his friends refer to him as a modern day St. Francis, patron saint of animals, and he said, "I assure you I would be a fantastic addition to your team!" True! He is the kind of dog lover that upon being introduced to a member of our packs his first response is, "I love him."

As far as dog walking goes he already had three years of experience under his belt from 2010-2013 before a long stretch of professional film and video freelance work. With his experience added we've now got more than 30 years of combined experience between all staff members!  


Armando has a strong, benevolent personality, like an ex bodyguard who becomes a philosopher. As it turns out he has done a lot of thinking, and has come to the conclusion that dog walking can be a career if you dedicate yourself to it and understand the sacrifices it will take are worth the rewards you get with the dogs. He now has over 7 years of pro experience dog walking in SF, LA, Seattle, and Chicago. Hailing originally all the way from Venezuela, and spending time in many cities in between, he's a well traveled man with lots of life experience. And it shows. Nothing seems to rattle him. We can give him the most exuberant, energetic, dogs and he can take them. A dog that's challenging to others is a favorite to him. But make no mistake, the big dogs are his forte in the field, but he is great with them all.


Armando is a writer, and spends afternoons after dog walking at the coffee shop where he is working on a science fiction novel that weaves in the lessons learned from the political history and current affairs of Venezuela. On weekends he spends his time with his gf and 3 year old daughter. 

"We highly recommend David and his team - they are so much for more than dog walkers - they are trainers, teachers, and above all a dog's best friend."

-Kiley N.

"We know Penny loves the Citizen Hound team because of the way she runs to the door when they come to get her and the happy, tired puppy we see at the end of the day."

"David and his team are amazing. They are caring, attentive, super fun, and I can tell my dog is always enthusiastic to see them."

-Shirley F.

-Adam N.

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Emailing directly instead of using this form is great because you can attach a pic of your dog, but please include all the info requested, like cross streets. 

david (at)

Cell - (806) 787- 4839

David Levin - Citizen Hound Dog Walking San Francisco, CA - Marina, Cow Hollow, Pac Heights, Lower Pac Heights, Presidio Heights, and Russian Hill neighborhoods.