• Servicing Marina, Cow Hollow, Pac Heights, Lower Pac Heights, Presidio Heights, and Russian Hill. 

  • Off leash group play packs are 6 dogs per walker max. You must be inside our service area.

  • We only offer private walks outside of 10-4 M-F and can stretch our area slightly for those.

  • The first step is to peruse the website then email us with your phone number so we can call and answer any questions and setup a time to meet. Please include your dogs age, breed or mix, a pic, and your cross streets as rates are calculated with this info. Each potential new member is screened for off leash group suitability and then placed in a group that they'd enjoy.

  • We are customer service pros, and our job is to be your canine concierge. 

  • Make sure to check our Dog Walking page or our FAQ page to find answers to most questions. 


about $25/day*: Our most popular package. One off leash group play session a day, five days a week (nearly the price of solo half hour app based services' walks). This package should be perfect to break up your dog's day with a full load of exercise and socialization in the great outdoors. Completely flexible cancellation or addition policy. Read details for our available discounts.

Crissy Field



about $38/day* ($19/walk*): Great for anybody who is gone for a long work day, has a lengthy commute, or who doesn't want to stress about making it home with much energy to walk their dog later. Recommended for athletic breed puppies to maintain a calm mind and help alleviate bad habits that can develop from boredom during their first year. Perfect for high endurance dogs who need a lot of exercise to burn off all their energy.  Heavily discounted for buying in bulk!

The Presidio



Per Day

Currently we do not offer a part time plan, only 5 days a week. If a client on one of our two Plans misses half the month's walking days they're automatically switched to Per Day pricing. Or if current clients let me know before a month begins they can drop to Per Day pricing for that one month, then they're automatically switched back. 

$32/day, $55 for 2 walks.

Crissy Field East Beach

When Temporarily dropping from a package


Ecology Trail


We can provide private puppy visits for dogs who aren't yet vaccinated to walk with groups but plan to eventually. We can drop by for short potty breaks during our work hours or longer walks and even training walks outside of our group hours. 

For those 


to enter

our packs


Priced per session: $20+ 1/2 hour, $35+ 1 hour.: Priced better than the app based services, and we're actually pros! Unfortunately we cannot provide private walks from 10am-4pm weekdays when we only do group walks, but we can provide one on one walks outside of those hours subject to availability, including nights and weekends! We can even take last minute needs with a lockbox on your door. 

San Francisco

 Private visit by appointment


Crissy Field Central Beach



 *$25/day price from above would be the daily price equivalent for this package in an avg month with 20 walks. 

Add an additional walk to your day for only $25 more.

$50 off your first invoice if you're in the same building as a current client, and a referral discount for them as well!*

25% off for the second dog from one owner, 15% off the third


Please make sure to check our FAQ page where we try to answer any possible questions, including how do our prices compare with competitors. 

*For current clients who refer anyone you will receive $50 off your next invoice if we end up signing them! To help you we can provide marketing material for you to hand out upon request.  


*$38/day price from above would be close to the daily price equivalent for this package in an avg month with 20 walks. This package provides two hour long sessions each worth $32 priced alone, but reduced to roughly $19 each most months for buying in bulk!


Your dog will be out with us for over 5 hours, cruising with us in between walks. They'll be wiped out, healthy, and happy when you get home. Completely flexible cancellation or addition policy.

15% multi-dog household discount.



$32, $55/day

We do not sell anything less than 5 day/week walking at this time. We offer 1 GROUP or 2 GROUP packages only. Per Day pricing is available to new clients who start after the first of the month for that month, and for the following: 


1 GROUP package users drop to $32 a day when they miss half the walking days or let me know before a month begins that they'd like to go Per Day for the following month. 2 GROUP package users drop to $55 for their 2 walks when they miss 8 walking days or when they let me know before a month begins they'd like to pay Per Day for the month. The Per Day rate may not be claimed for two consecutive months. 

Please note that this pricing is how we offer flexibility to our current customers on full time walking plans who have to miss walks. This is not a plan we sign new customers on. Any higher multi-dog discount drops to 15% per dog on this plan.


We can provide private puppy visits for dogs who are not yet old enough to walk with groups but plan to eventually. Age doesn't matter and we like to start as young as possible. We can drop by for short potty breaks at 11ish, 1ish, and 3ish and times depend on where you fall in our service area. We can also provide longer walks outside of our normal business hours of 10-4 for puppies that are more draining and have training involved. Pick one or two potty breaks and/or add a half hour or hour visit outside of regular business hours if you'd like. Once puppies are ready they'll join one of our kindergarten or other walking groups. Make sure you read our page about preparing your puppy for our programs. And make sure to select a plan from above that's right for you once your pup is ready. We start them right after their last shot and begin training. 


$15 for one potty break, $25 for two, $35 for three. $20 for a half hour puppy walk and $35 for an hour outside of 10-4pm.


Solo walk details

Citizen Hound focuses on group walks during our business hours. Outside of our regular hours our staff is often free to provide private walks for our clients and others as needed. If you would like a private visit for your dog and want to use a highly trained professional from a company that stands behind them please contact us with your needs. These are always subject to availability, but we're often available, even last minute!  With rates equal to or better than the app based services there's not much of a decision to be made.


Starts at $20 for a half hour, or $35 for an hour but that price can vary based on circumstances such as time of day or how often. Inquire for a quote. Additional time is discounted so the above should not be read as a per hour charge and total will not exceed pet sitting prices. 

Additional Services

  • Pet sitting

  • Groomer runs. To a groomer in the service area : 1 way (drop off or pickup) - $5. Both dropoff and pickup - $10. 

    • Please note we close at 4pm each day, so if your pickup at the groomer runs past that we must charge for any wait time at $0.50 per minute ($30/hr). This is an unfortunate requirement for us to cover the associated payroll expenses. 

    • We recommend Wags Pet Boutique On Polk. Please make appointments for 12:30, or ask us to make it for you. ​

  • Vet visits. We would charge by our private walk price. 

  • Potty breaks. $15 for one potty break, $25 for two, $35 for three. Scheduled walks can be used as a potty break if need be. If you're scheduled for one but want to add more it's $10 more for each additional one. There's no cancellation policy at all with potty breaks inside business hours. 


We are 100% committed to making sure that your dog has an awesome time while in our care, with safety being our top concern. We guarantee that if you're not happy with our service on any particular day, we'll move mountains to make it right, or we'll provide a full refund for that day. 

Schedule a meeting today. The best way to figure out what rate will apply for you is to contact us and get an email reply. Email david (at) Sorry for putting the (at) in there - spammers contact me all the time. 

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Emailing directly instead of using this form is great because you can attach a pic of your dog, but please include all the info requested, like cross streets.

Cell - ‪(806) 787-4839

David Levin - Citizen Hound Dog Walking San Francisco, CA - Marina, Cow Hollow, Pac Heights, Lower Pac Heights, Presidio Heights, and Russian Hill neighborhoods.