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In home pet boarding, San Francisco, CA

In home pet boarding, San Francisco, CA

Dog sitting and professional dog walkingin San Francisco, Marina, Cow Hollow, Pacific Heights, Russian Hill, Presidio

Citizen Hound dog sitting is offered through the collective of professionals that work here. Our sitting operations have won 1st runner up twice in the Best Dog Sitter category of Bay Woof Magazine's Beast Of The Bay Awards. That's because your pet becomes a part of the family while they're with us, and because we're dog professionals, not just dog lovers. We do not compare with on demand pet sitters, being both better trained in dog behavior and health as well as customer service. Nor do we compare with kennels or dog hotels, where your dog is in loud, anxiety ridden, unfamiliar territory, mostly confined to a cage, where time out of their room might incur extra costs.


Some of our sitters can stay in your home if desired so that your dog is as comfortable as can be. Or if you'd rather your pup stay in one of our homes, our house is their house. They'll be comfy, have a blast, be showered with love, and we will communicate the whole time with you to make sure you know it!

Dog sitting and professional dog walkingin San Francisco, Marina, Cow Hollow, Pacific Heights, Russian Hill, Presidio


(see next section for additions)

$65 Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays

$75 Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays

+ $20 for puppies (defined by your sitter).

covers a 24 hour stay inside our business hours ex: a sit that starts at 2pm ends at 2pm on the final day.

(*We are currently unable to offer to non clients*) Normally, non clients or anyone not currently scheduled for routine walks MUST pay for dog walking on weekdays in addition to boarding fees. Leaving them home all day while we go to work is not an option unless you live in the walking service area. That charge will be $30 per weekday. Walks included on weekends. (*We are currently unable to offer to non clients*)


For existing dog walking clients: Sits that start or end on weekdays start or end at the normally scheduled walk time! Clients on our 1 Group Plan will enjoy a free second walk on any walks for which they're not normally scheduled after the sit begins until the end of their normally scheduled walk on the last day (or similar time to end of walk on weekend), and if you’re already booked on our 2 Group Plan, or if for any reason your dog cannot do that free 2nd walk on the 1 Group Plan you'll get $10 off walks!

Fees, terms and conditions are listed below. 

Dog sitting and professional dog walkingin San Francisco, Marina, Cow Hollow, Pacific Heights, Russian Hill, Presidio

Additonal fees:


Multiple dog households, special needs, transportation, weekend one night stays, holidays can be subject to additional fees at your sitter's discretion. Your sitter will determine prices and fees after speaking to you and will add them to the quote before services. Some examples:

+%50 for additional dogs of same household (second dog is free if sitting is at your home)

+$25 for any holiday besides Tgiving, Xmas, NYE

+$50 for Tgiving, Christmas Eve and Day, NYE

+$ additional charges if a sit is extended

+$ if the sit is for one night w transport required

+$ transport fees where applicable

+$ food run fee if you didn't pack enough

Picking up/dropping off:

Sitters hold business hours of 9-5 each day. Though we do not have a central facility like a dog kennel, for pickup and drop off you may assume that we operate similarly, where we're closed outside 9-5. If your sit needs to start before 9am you may need to start your sit on the previous day inside our hours. Likewise if your sit ends after 5pm you may need to end the sit on the next day.


To avoid any transportation fees you may always drop or pickup your dog inside our business hours. There are no transportation fees for sits that start or end during our dog walking hours (or right before or after them) inside our service area. On the weekends as a default please plan to drop off or pickup your dog from us. Otherwise, if we must pickup or drop off the charges will start as the same hourly rate as a private walk and can increase due to distance to account for gas usage. 

As you would for pickup at a facility please be prepared to pay your bill at the end of a sit! All invoices are due on the end date of the sit, and there's a $2.50 late fee each day that an invoice is overdue. 

Please note, all of these prices are what walkers have typically charged in the past, but any walker is free to deviate from this model if they need to as long as they quote you in the original confirmation email and it's agreed upon, and any questions about discrepancies from the above should be directed at them. It is their operation. 

For holidays: Be prepared to pay a nonrefundable deposit to book stays that include Christmas or NYE. 

Dog sitting and professional dog walkingin San Francisco, Marina, Cow Hollow, Pacific Heights, Russian Hill, Presidio

Our pet sitting services are offered directly through the collective of the individuals that work here. This is not a Citizen Hound operation. You'll be paired with individual Citizen Hound employees. Plans, prices, and payments are made directly with the individual you'll be working with once introduced. Joining our walking program while boarding has an additional cost which is cut in half for current clients already scheduled. This can't be included in your pet sitters bill because they operate their own business and M-F dog walking costs are company costs. 


If our dog sitters are full we'll put you in touch with one of the reputable local dog sitters we work with so that your dog never has to sit in a kennel again. All of our dog sitters have great homes for your dog to be comfortable in, and provide plenty of exercise and stimulation to keep their mind off missing you too badly. If you would prefer we can send someone to stay with your pet in your home while you're away. Either way, there's no need to leave your dog in a stinking barking madhouse at an overnight facility ever again. They stay with people and dogs they know and love - a premium service.

Dog sitting and professional dog walkingin San Francisco, Marina, Cow Hollow, Pacific Heights, Russian Hill, Presidio
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