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Learn the ins and outs of dog walking from industry pros

Need your SF Commercial Dog Walker permit? We offer one of only a handful of courses here in SF which are required to obtain your permit. 


Citizen Hound and SuperDog City have teamed up to offer a 20-hr Classroom, or 40-hr Hands On Dog Walker Certification Course endorsed by San Francisco's Animal Care and Control to satisfy the city and the GGNRA's commercial dog walking legislation requirements. 


The SF Commercial Dog Walker Certification Course was co-authored and developed by David Levin and Corey Vitale, owners of two of the most successful and largest dog walking companies in the Bay Area.

San Francisco dog walking professional dog walkers Marina Cow Hollow Pacific Heights Laurel Heights Russian Hill.

This course has been approved to satisfy requirements of CCSF Health Code Article 39 section 3906 (a)(1), 3906 (a)(2) by Animal Care and Control of San Francisco. 

Upcoming classes:


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We currently have one position available for a dog walker. If you would like to work for me you would get your certification for free, saving $500 and making money. Apply here.


20 Hour Classroom Course: $250

40 Hour Hands On Field Course: $500

Effective July 1, 2013, commercial dog walkers with 4 or more dogs are required to carry a valid annually renewed dog walking permit issued by the San Francisco Department of Animal Care & Control or the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA), depending on your desired land use.


Enforcement of this law will take place on all city property under the Department of Rec and Parks, SF Port, and the Public Utilities Commission, and through all coastal parks through the GGNRA National Park Service. (See the San Francisco Department of Animal Care & Control's information page regarding the details of this important new legislation, as well as their Requirements for Dog Walkers page.)


In order to obtain a permit to walk 4-8 dogs commercially within San Francisco, one must become certified as a trained commercial dog walker. SFACC has approved our 20-hour and 40-hour CDW Training Courses which meet their requirements for certification, just one of the new necessary steps to becoming a successful, knowledgeable, responsible, and permitted dog walker in San Francisco.


Our course is one of only 12 accredited by SFACC to satisfy your certifcation requirement. 

What You Will Learn:

Learning Theory | Positive Reinforcement Techniques | Canine Psychology | Body Language | Proper Dog Walking Equipment & Tools | Evaluating Dogs For Group Suitability | Ideal Group Structure | Maintenance & Good Pack Management | Methods For Addressing Problem Behaviors | Dog Fight Prevention & Understanding Aggression | Basic First Aid & Response | Compliance With Local Laws | Recommended Outside Material | Business Methods 


This course is taught through lecture, video analysis, demos, hands-on experience, plus ride-alongs and field work in the 40-hr program.


Where: Varying locations

Duration: 3 or 4 days 

Size: Limited to 10 students per class. 


​A fast-paced 4-day workshop leading to professional dog walking certification. Graduates come away fully equipped to start a dog walking business or advance an existing one. Expand your knowledge of canine behavior, learn pack-management techniques, how to build training protocols, and learn invaluable insider knowledge of how to run a successful dog walking business in San Francisco. 


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