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Citizen Hound
Dog Walking:

How It Works

Service Area
Parks + Beaches




Citizen Hound dog walking took off nearly 15 years ago under new ownership and has since become one of the most lauded professional dog walker services in the Bay Area, all for our dedication to and execution of outstanding customer service. If you like what you see here and want to begin with us or ask any questions feel free to contact me or check out our FAQs where I aim to answer everything.

Service area

We service the Marina, Cow Hollow, Pacific Heights, Lower Pac Heights, Russian Hill, Presidio Heights, and Laurel Heights neighborhoods, and our boundaries are defined on

this map

Rates: Within this area our prices can't be beat for what we do. We watch competitors and strive to outpace them at every step.

Parks + Beaches

Crissy Beach, Crissy Field, Presidio's Ecology Trails, Mountain Lake, Baker Beach, Alta Plaza, & Lafayette Park. All of these areas are beautiful unfenced and off leash dog parks where your dog can enjoy off leash outings with us while you're busy while they learn to be well-socialized and balanced so that they're trained for any adventure with you. We take out groups of 6 M-F for hour long play sessions.



Grouping is based on the individual temperaments, ages, and sizes of it's participants, insuring your dog will find friends. Cavaliers together, Frenchies together, lazy dogs in one group, sporty dogs in another. That's something smaller operations can't do like we can. The law is 6 dogs max. We walk with no more than 1 other teammate. We put a huge emphasis on grouping the dogs so that there's a strong gravity to each group. This is a place they can be themselves. When you email me include your dogs age, breed, energy, and playstyle along with a picture!


All staff are trained in First Aid and carry med kits in the field. All staff are permitted and have graduated from our SFACC approved course, one of only a dozen in SF. We're licensed, insured and bonded. Walkie talkies allow rapid team communication. We log every dog in and out for every walk. Some customers enjoy using tracking devices in case of emergency. We have breed and behavior restrictions. We screen every dog rigorously and continuously. We are always thinking of safety.

Guilt free

Don't worry about leaving your buddy at home. They'll be having more fun than you! After one session they'll be sleeping til you get home. If they get two, it's all the exercise they'll need. So work late. Go have a drink after work! Make plans without worry, and if you need us to step in after hours or pet sit just ask. Even if you work from home that nagging sense that your dog needs more - that face they give you - it's not necessary! We offer peace of mind and a peaceful house for both of you.



They will run, they'll wrestle, hike, chase, bark, and play for a full hour. Or if they're more into sniffing flowers than butts they can do that too! The leash is off. The wind is rustling their hair. Our dogs are literally some of the luckiest in the world. Our professional dog walkers stay on the move too, because a tired dog makes a happy owner. When they're satisfied both physically and mentally, you'll enjoy your life with and without them more too, as they'll be less prone to bad behavior. There is no substitute for good exercise and socialization in ensuring your dog is the best they can be.  


Your dog is sure to improve in many aspects of their behavior through positive reinforcement based training. Clients consider this school. We are the teachers, fitness instructors, lifeguards, personal assistants and friends. We wear many hats, and sometimes they get eaten. The physical and mental stimulation they'll get daily can prevent problems caused by unspent energy such as whining, chewing, anxiety, or pestering you. We're committed to helping you raise the kind of dog other people will compliment, and who's ready to go anywhere with you. 


Dog-dog socialization is crucial for yours to have a healthy mind, just as it's crucial for humans to socialize for our well being. If a human were losing that ability the protocol would be to challenge ourself. With consistent packmates and familiar parks they'll be more comfortable, and get to make closer friends and a community of their own. With the practice of daily outings they'll learn to be familiar with all environments. Group dog walking services offer so much more than private walkers can.

Part of the pack

Photos and videos. You will always know what your dogs' days look like because we aim to provide tons of photos from our dog walking adventures. Whether that's through our constantly updated Instagram page, or through texts from your dog walker. Bridging the gap between your work day and their play day is part of our mission. If you want to look like part of the pack too, click here to check out our store. 

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Your dog will have a full hour at the park and they'll be out longer to account for transportation to and fro in our outfitted SUVs, vans and trucks. Be careful, some competitors charge similar prices for less time actually playing at the park. Our staff does not skimp on your full hour unless there's inclement weather. We aim for walk times at 11-12, and again from 2-3. Pickup and drop is within the hour before and after those times. 


There are so many advantages to having a team that amount to our superiority over other dog walkers. Just check out our Yelp page. Benefits include tailored group placements, lower prices, greater availability, reliability, flexibility, responsiveness, additional and often last minute services like after hours walks, dog sitting, groomer or vet runs, and better organization. Unlike many single walker companies we don't close for sick days or vacations. Clients can count on us. 

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