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Servicing the Marina, Cow Hollow, Pac Heights, Lower Pac Heights, Presidio Heights, and Russian Hill neighborhoods. 


Voted the Best Dog Walker in SF 2019, 2018, & 2017 in four publications, and Top 5 in the Bay Area five years in a row in the Bay Area A List, we at Citizen Hound pride ourselves on our customer service, our care, our skill, and our reputation.


Reliably providing anything our customers need when they need it, and our ability and dedication to exceed expectations are what sets us apart. We're your canine concierge. 

If you have any questions please check our FAQs. I've tried hard to answer most things there. 


Please let us know your cross streets, and your dog's breed and age. 


david (at) citizenhoundsf.com

Cell - (806) 787- 4839

1 Group - about $25/day as part of package - 1 hour session

2 Groups - about $38/day as part of package - 2 sessions

Private walk prices vary. 

10% lower than many competitors!


  • 25% off for the second dog in one house

  • signing bonuses for those in same building

We will move mountains to make sure you and your pooch are happy, but if for any reason we can't we guarantee you your money back.
San Francisco dog walking professional dog walkers Marina Cow Hollow Pacific Heights Laurel Heights Russian Hill.

How can I add a 6th star to my review? At the risk of being hyperbolic, I wish that every business I interacted with were run with as much heart and commitment as David has as he runs Citizen Hound dog walking! The team he has assembled - to include Kalyn, Erik, Synthia - are simply top notch. We can confidently say that being part of the Citizen Hound pack was a quick and effective path to socialization for our pup.


- David, Erin, & Byrdie 


San Francisco dog walking professional dog walkers Marina Cow Hollow Pacific Heights Laurel Heights Russian Hill.
San Francisco dog walking professional dog walkers Marina Cow Hollow Pacific Heights Laurel Heights Russian Hill.

I started 10 years ago. Every year the level of professionalism, abilities, and quality of the CH team have gone up. This business is run with heart because it is the perfect mix of personal and professional. It allows us to spend our working lives doing something we love. We're surrounded by dogs' love and energy. It gives me the opportunity to both learn and teach, which is a passion of mine. It allows me to compete with other businesses that I think we can be better than. I spend an inordinate amount of time working on this business because my idea of what it can be for you and your dog is bigger than what's out there. If we're not the best we're damn sure working toward it constantly. And if we're not right for you I'll help you find someone who is.


While most professional dog walkers will likely be great with your dog many are not good with people, and in many cases that may be just the reason they've decided to work with dogs in the first place. Every member of CH is an amiable, capable, and enthusiastic customer service professional. Our clients love their walker no matter who they use. With a team of people we're able to provide benefits smaller operations can't, including tailored pack placements, lower prices, greater availability, reliability, flexibility, responsiveness, additional and often last minute services like after hours walks, dog sitting, groomer or vet runs, and better organization. This is why we've won so many awards, reviews and accolades over the years. Clients can count on us.


We're constantly learning and evolving our practices to stay one step ahead of any safety concerns. We work by the motto, "Safety first, friendship second." So while having a blast every day is our goal, safety is paramount.

  • All staff are trained in First Aid and carry med kits.

  • All staff are permitted and have graduated from our SFACC approved course, one of only a dozen in SF.

  • Licensed, insured and bonded.

  • Walkie talkies allow rapid team communication.  

  • Some clients enjoy using tracking devices in case of emergency.

  • We screen every dog rigorously and continuously.

  • We have breed and behavior restrictions on our FAQs.


We are in the relationship business:


  • Within our cohesive team.

  • Within our packs, where our role as teachers is to provide safety and a balance of physical and mental stimulation tailored to the individuals, rooted in science.

  • With our clientele, where our role is to keep them a part of the pack acting as a bridge between dogs and owners equally as supportive as any bridges around our city by thoughtfully focusing on their needs. 

  • Within our community, where our role is to promote an engaged and connected micro-community created by our company. 

  • Within our profession, where our role is to model good standards and practices.


If you have any questions please check out the FAQ/FYI page. I try to make sure I've answered anything you may ask there. Info includes the process to start, how old does a puppy have to be to start, breed or behavior restrictions, private visits, how long are the walks, when is pickup/dropoff, and billing information, plus much more. 

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Emailing directly instead of using this form is great because you can attach a pic of your dog, but please include all the info requested, like cross streets. 


Cell - ‪(806) 787-4839

David Levin - Citizen Hound Dog Walking San Francisco, CA - Marina, Cow Hollow, Pac Heights, Lower Pac Heights, Presidio Heights, and Russian Hill neighborhoods.