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Our relationships are important to us. 

Our team

Cohesive. Supporting. High standards. Proactive. Lead by example. Promote fun.

Our packs

Teachers. Rooted in science. Safety. Physical + mental stimulation. Tailored to the individuals.

Our clients

Part of the pack. We act as a supportive bridge. We thoughfully focus on your needs. 

Our community

We promote an engaged and connected micro-community created by our company.


"Consistency. I completely understand an owners need to feel consistency with the staff, and while our main priority is grouping the packs perfectly so they have fun, your dog will stay with the same dogs, at the same parks, at the same times, with the same person - day in and day out for as long as we can. Each one of our professional dog walkers is carefully vetted and trained for you by me, someone who would die for my dog! I would trust my boy, and anyone else's dog with any of my awesome teammates. In fact, I very often do. 


Our staff is professional, amiable, athletic dog walkers and customer service men and women. We're all hardworking pros who are well trained and adept at taking care of the lucky dogs that come out with us everyday. We are the Best Dog Walkers in San Francisco."

-David Levin

David Levin, CPDT-KA, PhDog



My passion is teaching and providing a business people love. In this industry we all love dogs, but perhaps some walkers forget the need to be great with their humans too. I want you to feel comfortable communicating with us and feel confident about the team of people that cares for your family member while you're away. I'm dedicated to providing the perfect staff, and the perfect company structure to make sure that your dog is the beneficiary of our affection and hard work, and you feel completely connected. 


Exercise is the best form of affection, and I thank you for giving your dog the biggest treat you can by looking for a professional dog walker. Your dog craves the physical outlet, the mental stimulation, the socialization, and the fun that we will provide. Each one of our walkers has been trained rigorously in both managing the dogs using positive training approaches, safety, and in customer service. 

"My dog is my baby,

and I wouldn't trust my baby to anyone but

David and his team at

Citizen Hound."

- Jessica S.

Kalyn Levin

My Lefthand Lady

Kalyn's thrilled she made the decision to work for Citizen Hound. We almost didn't get her, but I saw the potential, so I begged and many years later ... we're married with a daughter on the way! She's currently a therapist in her professional life but although she's not a dog walker she'll undoubtedly be be an integral part of this company forever.


"Did you know that merely petting a dog triggers a hormone called oxytocin to kick into high gear? Oxytocin, which is sometimes dubbed "the cuddle hormone," helps reduce blood pressure and decreases levels of cortisol, a hormone related to stress and anxiety." Yeah, she's smart, and everybody's much higher off oxytocin when she's around!

"Upon arriving in SF, we interviewed many of the different services and selected Citizen Hound after being so impressed with David and his great staff."

-Alex M.

Erick Perez

Chief Happiness Officer

We're very fortunate to have found Erick, someone who is so clearly hard working, dedicated, dependable, trustworthy, and kind with a track record to prove it. Right out of school Erick started working for Laundry Locker and spent 7 years there. I hate to rip on Millennials, especially since I am one, but 7 years anywhere seems like a dying trait these days. He worked his way up to managing a fleet of 7 drivers, and I was thrilled to hear that he and I align very well on what it means to be a good leader, to focus on the people first. The references from there were outstanding. 


Erick has decided that he wants to try to become a dog trainer, and we couldn't be more enthusiastic about having him learn the ropes with us. He's got all the right traits, the passion, the patience, and is someone we all really love working with. He received his first 5 star Yelp review within a month of starting with us, and kept setting promotion records until he made it to the top. 

San Francisco dog walking profession

San Francisco dog walking profession

San Francisco dog walking profession

San Francisco dog walking profession

San Francisco dog walking profession

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San Francisco dog walking profession

Molly Goldman

Team Leader, Culture Keeper

Molly is a Bay Area native and a self proclaimed karaoke enthusiast, dog lover, cat mom, and friend to all furry creatures. Molly came to us with no previous professional dog care experience after many years in the startup space, but her enthusiasm, professionalism, and drive for learning quickly made her a key contributor to this company. She shot up to the top of our ranks so nimbly we had to expand our pipeline to create more levels.

Molly's as gregarious as they come. Her clients say she's like family, our staff all call her our friend, she is the leader of her pack, no doubt about it. You'll hear from Molly on our Instagram, and as the leader of our scheduling team Molly's often one of the first to bid you good morning!

"One of the best decisions 

we've made since moving 

to the Bay Area from

the East Coast last year was to have Citizen Hound walk our dog, Brady!!"

-Shannon P.

Lauri Green

Dog Trainer

Lauri has spent most of her professional career working in the bio sciences, with a decade as a molecular biologist at UCSF, spending her days in a lab. Then she adopted her own personal dog, Rocco, and decided to make a big change in her career path because of her love for animals. 


Lauri started volunteering with the SPCA in 2005, took every single class they offered to dog volunteers, and read every book that was on the list of required reading for their dog training academy. She was hooked, and has since become a pro dog trainer, and regularly works with our clients. Lauri's work with animals does not end there! She has done countless hours of volunteer and activism work throughout the years for animal rights and liberation. 

"When Oliver gets back from his walks he passes out for HOURS.

When he's picked up Oliver rushes to the door and doesn't look back."

-Miriam R.

Shannon Greene

Chancellor of Canines


Shannon is as hard working, dependable, and caring as they come. Being one of the more senior staffers now we've loved watching the moments where we've asked him to step up to the plate, where he's consistently hit winning shots. Big players make big plays in big games. He keeps a level head and a stoic fortitude.


Shannon's a Bay Area native who enjoys DJing house parties, chalices over ordinary cups, and long fixed gear bike rides. He likes to squeeze the most out of life and make sure those around him do too. I love that when he asks me how I'm doing he always follows up with, "what makes it good?' He isn't as satisfied staying in the shallows, and has forged terrific relationships with his dogs, coworkers, and clients. 

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San Francisco dog walking profession

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San Francisco dog walking profession

Alex Araya

Dean of Dogs

Alex is a great candidate for Most Interesting Man In The Room. He was previously a chocolatier, baker, and chef for work. He can play drums and bass, is learning guitar, and he can really dance (and does so frequently). This year he says he feels drawn to martial arts, he wants to take singing and swimming lessons, and is reading a lot of Brene Brown. He seems to always be striving to improve through dedication and consistency.


He's funny, kind, thorough, and quick. We've been blown away by his natural abilities with the dogs and his performance on the job. 

"Citizen Hound takes care of our dogs as well as

we could ever hope!

They go above and beyond.

I know they are extremely loved and have the best time with all of the walkers!"

-Shalini H.

Kayla Obee

Dean of Dogs


Kayla's passionate about dogs and passionate about doing a great job whatever that may be. Kayla is a writer, and will be working on a manuscript in the evenings after work outings. Their resume features a number of key achievements, most notable among them from Chatham University where they obtained a Masters. Kayla was awarded Best Thesis from Chatham University's MFA faculty, and was nominated for best Poetry Thesis. They facilitated a monthly reading and writing event called Holding Space On The Page to celebrate authors and poets of color for Chatham's Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. In the interview Kayla had myself and my coworkers completely raptured as they discussed their studies, book plans, and really anything else. Kayla is simply one of a kind - refreshingly open and honest, super upbeat, friendly, and sweet, incredibly intellectual, and just a pleasure to be around. 

"David runs this business with tons of passion and takes the care of the dogs seriously. His team is outstanding, Eva loves her walker (Shirl) and squeals with excitement every time she gets picked up."

-Pablo G.

Stephanie Mirich

Dean of Dogs

A registered behavior technician for her previous work, Stephanie has thoroughly enjoyed her pivot to dogs, and is looking to apply those skills toward becoming a dog trainer of service dogs for people with disabilities.


She's artistic, smart, hard working, a great listener, patient, and warm. She shares that warmth at home with her cold blooded friend, leopard gecko, Scooby, and her new rescue cat, Jane. Previously this Dr Doolittle has owned a hamster, stick bugs, fish, and crickets (though the crickets don't last long thanks to Scooby). From tiny meal worms to Bernese Mountain Dogs everyone is in the palm of her very capable hands. 

"David is very easy to get in contact with and is also flexible and understanding when situations arise. Finding someone to trust with your pet is stressful but I'm always confident Mochi is in good hands with

Citizen Hound."

-Kelly L.

Stacey Nordman

   Puppy Professor


"David and Armando go above and beyond and genuinely love and treat my dog better than I could have imagined. They go to the beach, on hikes in the woods, have sleepovers, have obedience training, and get kisses and cuddles all day long.

-Kate B..

Dakota Whitacre


"They go above and beyond to help you and your dog and every staff member I encountered was very patient and loving towards my dog with medical issues." 

-Rachel B..

Clayton Mosley

   Puppy Professor


"The entire team feels like a part of the family because we trust them so much with our dog. Citizen Hound is the BEST!"

-Andria G.

Madison Davis

   Dogtoral Candidate


"We highly recommend David and his team - they are so much for more than dog walkers - they are trainers, teachers, and above all a dog's best friend."

-Kiley N.

"We know Penny loves the Citizen Hound team because of the way she runs to the door when they come to get her and the happy, tired puppy we see at the end of the day."

"David and his team are amazing. They are caring, attentive, super fun, and I can tell my dog is always enthusiastic to see them."

-Shirley F.

-Adam N.

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