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Best Dog Walker in San Francisco Award

Best Dog Walker in San Francisco 2015 Bay Woof's Beast Of The Bay Awards

We are so proud to announce that Citizen Hound has just been named the Best Dog Walker in San Francisco 2015 by Bay Woof Magazine's Beast of The Bay Awards..!!!

Professional dog walking with award winning dog walkers in San Francisco CA.

Their write-up about us speaks volumes. "David Levin, owner of Citizen Hound in San Francisco, beat out the rest of the pack this year in this hotly contested category. David and his co-walkers take an athletic approach to the task. They don’t just walk dogs, they work them, providing socialization, stimulation, and physical exercise in abundance. Great customer service and a commitment to positive training approaches complete the winning package."

We know that we do a lot of things better than our competitors that helped us win, but one thing in particular put us above the competition this year, and that's our steadfast commitment to the best customer service we can provide. It's not easy to be the best dog walking company here in SF where there's so much more competition than anywhere else in the States, but we work hard every single day. We are extremely flexible if our clients need to cancel their dog walks, or add more so that they can be away longer guilt free. We are extremely responsive, always quick to return an email, phone call, or text. Each member of the team is trained to be proactive; predicting and taking care of customers needs faster than they expect. We are thorough, answering questions or concerns in depth and with expertise. We love to serve, and we really appreciate everyone who turned out the votes for us based on our hard work.

With this win dog walking in San Francisco just got a whole lot more competitive, as our company strives to set the bar higher and higher with each passing day.


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