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If there's one article to read, let this be the one. This article is meant to be a guide for any new dog owner, but it's specifically built for puppies. As with any exercise regimen you'll want to set aside dedicated time blocks for training, practice consistently, and increase the challenge as time goes on by moving the training into areas of more distraction. Take it slow. Build each behavior incrementally, allowing the dog to master each step before proceeding too fast.

If you ever need anything it's all on YouTube these days!

These two vids may help with Housetraining:

Stop puppy biting:

The basics done right:

Sit, Down, Stand:

Sit at a distance:

Coming when called:

Here's a video explaining long line training which can really strengthen coming when called.

My main focus with puppy training is Impulse Control behaviors:

Impulse control:

My three most important impulse control behaviors to teach right away:

Eye Contact:

Long stay:

Leave it:

Some others:

Training for calmness:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Settle Down/Relax:


You'll notice almost all of my videos are Tab289. He's awesome. I highly recommend you watch many of his vids.

I also like Zak George, but his videos are always long.

There's also a terrific trainer, Victoria Stilwell, with eHowPets.

Between the three you can find anything you need!

The video above is Tab289, my absolute favorite YouTube trainer.

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