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Best Dog Walker in SF 2017 Award

Runner Up Best professional Pet Sitter service in San Francisco 2017
Bay Woof Beast Of The Bay Winner Best Dog Walker In San Francisco 2017

We are extremely proud to announce that Citizen Hound was just named Best Dog Walker in San Francisco in Bay Woof's Beast Of The Bay Awards 2017! In addition we won Runner Up for Best Pet Sitter in San Francisco. This is a huge win for us, making for 9 official awards, 72 5-star Yelp reviews, 12 5-star Google reviews, as well as plenty of press over the 6 years since I took over Citizen Hound. All of these just affirm our model to me; people love our determinedly dependable canine concierge service with a focus on perfect group placement and a quality, professional staff of dog lovers. With a team of people we're able to provide benefits smaller operations can't, including tailored pack placements, lower prices, greater availability, reliability, flexibility, responsiveness, additional and often last minute services like after hours walks, dog sitting, groomer or vet runs, and better organization. Reliably providing anything our customers need when they need it, and our ability and dedication to exceed expectations are what sets us apart. Now begins the fight to win in 2018 by continuing to hold the bar high and winning your vote day after day, year after year.

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