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Now hiring dog walker position

Dog walking jobs are a ton of fun.

Cubicle walls seemingly growing taller and taller? Recycled air choking you at your desk? The man got you down? Tired of transporting and delivering inanimate objects or people, but want to make good use out of your vehicle? Grow up with a family dog but can't have one here in The City? Have a dog but don't have the time to give it the attention and exercise it needs? Simply love our fluffy, shaggy, large and small four legged barking friends? Then we sure do have a job for you: walk dogs. Seriously, it'll change your life. Your mind will be opened and your soul unleashed. Keep reading! Our ever growing core of dogs needs one more walker to get these doggies the attention, exercise, and basic training they need while their owners are off at work. Although we play games with these doggies, the role we take on is hardly a game itself. In fact, it's more like school. Teacher, dog trainer, coach, boot camp instructor, friend, confidant...we wear a lot of hats with these dogs, and sometimes they eat them! If you have what it takes, you're in. So we ask you: REQUIREMENTS: Do you love dogs? Athletic, energetic and looking to stay fit? Have a smart phone and know how to use it? Live in SF? (Sorry no BRIDGE commuters) Able to commit to a year or more? Friendly, outgoing, and customer savvy? Have extreme extreme patience?! Eager to learn? To teach? Ready to become a professional at this job?

Have a driver's license in good standing? We will supply a company vehicle. If you can rightfully answer "yes" to each and every of the preceding questions, apply now. These are all "must have" qualities to keep our company at the forefront of the industry. Even though these are seemingly basic, they are at the heart of what we do. Be not mistaken, we are top tier and need you to be, too. We won the # 1 Dog Walking company in SF and the # 2 Dog Walker in the Bay Area in two separate publications. We didn't get there by employing people who half ass it. If you're still reading, you're probably looking for this last set of details: MONEY!! You shadow for a week, taking in $13/hour. Essentially you do nothing but ride along, meet the dogs and coworkers, and learn the basics of the daily routine. Not bad at all. Week 2 is a bit different, so we up you to our training wage, $18/hour, the high end of industry standards for starting pay. You start picking up your own packs of dogs and meet up with me and other staff at our walking locations - typically Crissy Field and the forest at the Presidio. You start keeping track of your mileage and will be reimbursed gallon for gallon. You learn. You're bumped up to $19 for 2nd leg of training, and after your training is complete, typically the first few months of employ, $20/hour and W2 employee status, not independent contractor like some other jobs posted in the industry. You'll get your dog walker certification through us ($800 you don't have to spend) and you're ready to go. The longer you stick with it, the more you involve yourself in our company mission, the more you demonstrate your willingness to work hard and grow professionally, the more you learn, the more you earn. Commitment to us and to dog training equates to upward mobility in this company. Typical shifts last five to six hours Monday-Friday, you start in the late morning and are home by early evening. For us, there is no such thing as working nights, weekends, or holidays. However, good extra income is available to you through boarding, solo walks, and eventually private lessons on your own personal schedule as needed by our clientele. If you can sit dogs you can make THOUSANDS in cash. If you've made it this far, simply describe your interest in a convincing email that grabs our attention as to why you want/would own this position. LIST A FEW REFERENCES. At least one must be a former employer. Your email is your ticket, so craft it well. If your first sentence is, "I want to be a dog walker at Citizen Hound and I have the required vehicle," I'll know you read this post closely. Please include your telephone # so I can call. Please make sure you speak to our requirements. We look forward to hearing from you. Dog walking, dog walker, dog walkers, professional, dogwalking, dogwalker, driving, outside, outdoors, outdoor, canine, active, dog training, dog trainer,

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