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CH owner as podcast guest: How to Accelerate Business Growth and Become a Leader

David Levin, owner of Citizen Hound dog walking service in San Francisco, earned his CPDTA-KA title for professional dog training

I was recently a guest on the Handling Business Podcast with host Britt Alwerud. Britt owns a dog care company and created an awesome software platform for small businesses with employees. On her podcast she speaks with dog care industry leaders who specialize in a variety of subjects, helping to share insight with others in our industry. We had a blast, and went well over her typical run time. Britt summarized much of the points we discussed below.

  • How to get your business off the ground and accelerate growth.

  • How important relationships are in a service based business.

  • The pros and cons of buying a client list vs spending the same amount on advertising and sales.

  • Whether or not you should take out a loan in the beginning of your business.

  • Should you buy more client lists in order to expand your service business?

  • The difference between buying a client list and buying a true business.

  • The difference between selling a business and selling a client list.

  • Why systems are key to your business.

  • What if you were in a coma for a month? What if you break your leg? Can your business run itself?

  • How word-of-mouth is a snowball effect and how to get your brand out there

  • Why your website is key to your business’ success. It’s your store front as a mobile service business.

  • Why SEO is key to your pet care business being # 1 on Google and why this must be a priority for your mobile service business

  • Pro tip: Look at the businesses that are on top of Google search pages and how does your website compare?

  • How to develop your leadership skills as you build your team.

  • Why personal development and managing your stress levels are key to being a solid leader.

  • Ways to keep your service very personal even as you scale.

  • How to define your business model. Every pet care business is so different. Some businesses like David’s only offer five day a week dog hikes, others are fill in pet sitters for other pet sitters, some might just do one-on-one pet sit visits. There’s so many ways to model a business and the most important things is to create a business that fits your demographic, goals and vision for your future.

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